Value Your Trade

Car Trade-in Value Calculator

At Transwest Chevrolet Buick, we offer a wide range of options to Fort Morgan drivers looking to upgrade their vehicle. Trading in your car is a great way to shorten the car-buying process — and save on your next car at the same time!

If you’re interested in financing a new vehicle and want to know about car trade-in value at our Fort Morgan-area dealership, use this guide to get a better understanding of how to trade in your car and how to use our car trade-in value calculator. Also, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, reach out to our finance center to see how much you can get for your car and other available options today!

Benefits of Vehicle Trade-Ins

Not sure if it’s better to trade in your car or sell it privately? Consider the many financial benefits that you can get by trading in. Knowing your car trade-in value can be a great way to negotiate with a dealer salesperson so you can get more money or settle for a fair amount. See what other trade-in car benefits are available to you:

  • You get tax breaks by trading in your car
  • You can save on the cost of reconditioning and detailing your car
  • You can get a fair price for the vehicle regardless of its model year
  • Purchasing a new vehicle is now faster by trading in my car
  • And more!

A car trade-in value is versatile when you come down to our Holyoke-area dealership. You can get a fair price for the current state of your car and get financial help on the next vehicle of your choice.

How to Trade-In Your Car

If you’ve never done it before, trading in your car can sound daunting. Fortunately, learning how to trade in your car is pretty straightforward! Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Find the right fit in our new and used vehicle inventories.
  2. If the trade-in value of my car doesn’t fully cover the cost of your new car, you can take out a loan to cover the rest.
  3. If there is a balance on your current car loan, our auto finance experts can help you roll your old loan over into a new loan.
  4. When you’re ready to trade in your car, schedule an appraisal at our dealership near Sedgwick. Remember your car title, auto loan payoff information, registration, and keys.
  5. Finally, our technicians will inspect your car and make you an official offer!

Get More for Your Trade-In Car with Transwest Chevrolet Buick!

Don’t let your car trade-in value go to waste. Make the most out of the vehicle you’re currently driving so that you can upgrade to something even better! Use our car trade-in value calculator to get an instant estimate, and then stop by our Sterling finance center for details. Contact us or visit our dealership in Sterling today.